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Item # 83507
Item Desc. Eva Pneumatic Walker With Directional Casters Adult
Category Mobility Products
Subcategory Specialty Walkers/Accessories
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Extended Item Description
Adult Pneumatic adjusts from 35 1/2" - 51" (89/129cm) which should accommodate someone up to 6?5" tall * The easy to release lever mechanism is conveniently located under the front armrest support frame * This unit is ideal when being used with a wide range of patients with it?s easy height adjustment * Includes Standard Handgrips * Weight capacity - 333 lbs * Directional Casters align the rear casters to track in a straight line to assist the user in controlling the direction of the EVA Walker * Step ON for directional tracking / Step OFF unlocks the directional tracking * NOTE: Caster locks are only on the front casters on models with Directional Casters

Warehouse Description
1 Complete Medical Main Whse